Maple Leaf Rug & DE Twists and Turns

Hello Jammers, Mldriver here today!
Sorry that this post is a little late! :(

Anywho, the new item for today is the Maple Leaf Rug!

I really like this rug! It varies in color, it's a perfect size, low price, and it's great for Autumn! Well... more like winter for me. We already have a couple feet of snow! 

The Daily Explorer also had a post about the Twists and Turns Maze adventure:

The DE said, "Pesky Phantoms have been up to no good! AJHQ will be running a few tests on the TWISTS AND TURNS maze adventure, so the game will currently be unavailable.

But have no fear!!! We will figure out what issues these rogue phantoms have been causing, and get the problem fixed ASAP. In the meantime, head to CHAMBER OF KNOWLEDGE and check out the new POLAR BEAR MINIBOOK!!! There’s so much to learn!

Jam on Jammers!".

Hm... did you Jammers notice any bugs playing the adventure? Send it in to me at: I would love to hear from you! 
What do you think that AJHQ is doing to the adventure? Tweaking it to make it easier? Different prizes? 

Now it's time for the Mystery of the post! 

Who builds Jamaa's dens? Is there an alpha that does it? A sculptor from France? Who knows? You do! Make a story in the comments, and you may get featured! 

That's it for today Jammers, sorry for the short post! See you in Jamaa!

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  2. hi anonymous do we need a gmail account to join that blog?


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