Making scenes in movies on Animal Jam

Hey Guys I'm not gonna do a silly intro cuz I have a bunch of things I wanna do today Sorry DX
I hope you enjoy these movies scenes I did on Animal Jam! :D 

War Room: The scene where Danielle finds her mom in the closet eatting chips XDD 
The scrolls are suppose to be the notes (best thing I could find) 
And the windows are suppose to be the closet doors (again best thing I could find)
Brown otter: Elizabeth/Liz
Pink Otter: Danielle
Green Otter: Jennifer

 The Maze Runner: The scene where Thomas and Newt are taking by the fire
The chest is suppose to be the log.
Otter: Newt
Arctic wolf: Thomas

Frozen: Scene where Elsa's powers are revealed.
White arctic wolf: Elsa 
All the others are random

Lord of The Rings: The scene after Helms Deep when Mary and Pippin They are both boys btw are preforming for all the solders. Gandalf and Aragorn are the arctic wolves on the side.
White arctic wolf: Gandalf
Black arctic wolf: Aragorn
Yellow Bunny: Mary
Orange bunny: Pippin
All the plushies around the table are random peeps

Tangled: The kingdom dance scene
These are all just random people

Big Hero 6: The scene in Fred's room 
Penguin: Fred,
 Otter: Hiro, 
Fox: Gogo
Lynx: Wasabi
Falcon: Butler (he's not in the scene but Nas had the plushie and I couldn't resist XD 
Panda: Bamax 
I think this one is my favorite it turned out really good in my opinion XD 

I had a tone of fun making these!! :D :D 
I'll be doing this again soon if not next week XD
Edit: Comment what scenes from what movies you'd like me to do! :D 
Peace Love Ninja's! 

*Husky Ninja


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