Who Would Make The Best Alpha President? And Fashion Show Elimination!

Hey Jammers! Graciepopstar91 here with another Tuuueeesday post! Last night, I was totally puzzled  on what I was going to do a blog post about. My parents were throwing out suggestions, but they weren't very Animal Jam related. But then, I got an idea! I was going to combine a non-Animal Jam topic, with an Animal Jam topic! So today, in honor of last nights Presidential Debate, I'm going to be talking about who would make the best Alpha President! We are going to talk about each Alpha, then come to the conclusion of who would be the best leader/President! First up is.. Liza!

Credit to Animal Jam Graphic Central for the picture.

Liza is pretty well know to lots of Jammers. She has always been a traveler and an explorer! She vividly remembers the day her travels took her to Jamaa. Liza totally seems like a very kind, helpful Alpha. But deep down inside, she probably wants to fight for her land. The land we all know and love, Jamaa. 

Credit to Animal Jam Graphic Central for the picture.

Sir Gilbert is polite, and (he believes) sensibly cautions. He takes the time to hear all the viewpoints before making decisions. Despite his fearsome appearance, Sir Gilbert yearns for a quieter life. Gilbert for sure, would make a good leader! 

Credit to Animal Jam Graphic Central for the picture.

Greely is for sure.. Mysterious. Greely and Sir Gilbert took an instant dislike towards each other. They avoid one another as much as possible. Greely may be the least understood of the Alpha animals. Greely spends most of his time alone, and far from Jamaa, observing the movements of the Phantoms. I've been observing this cast-looking-thing on his tail.. I wonder if he once got hurt by the Phantoms. Very puzzling! 

Credit to Animal Jam Graphic Central for the picture.

Peck is very creative, and is very artistic! Peck will greet you when you come to Jamaa for the first time. I honestly don't know much about Peck. She seems to be an Alpha that isn't really talked about. But from what I see, she seems to be a kind hearted bunny, full of energy and creativity! Her favorite hobby is probably art! She is normally shown with a paintbrush, and a paint pallet. 

Credit to Animal Jam Graphic Central for the picture.

Graham is another creative Alpha it seems. He is always inventing something! For some reason, he seems to be an alpha no one talks about. Which is strange, because he is so good at inventing, which could really help out Jamaa. His hair and goggles closely resemble.. 

MAD SCIENTIST HAIR!! MWHAHA! Okay sorry.. I couldn't help myself.. 

Credit to Animal Jam Graphic Central for the picture.

Cosmo seemed to be a pretty typical koala. He spent most of his time in trees, eating leaves, normal koala stuff right? But even then, despite his koala-ish appearance, there was something different about Cosmo. He understood.. Plants?! He could understand what they were "saying" in Jamaa. He seems like a very talented, fun-loving guy! 

Now its time to come to the conclusion of who would make the best Alpha President! In my opinion, Liza or Sir Gilbert would be the best choice. They both seem kind, and are ready to fight for their land, whenever trouble strikes. Comment below on who YOU think would be the best Alpha President! 

Now its time for Fashion Show elimination! Lets see who got eliminated this week. 

Miss Windyspirit got voted out this week. Good job! You did really good! Comment down below on who you think should be voted out! This is the final round! 

Heres this weeks Bible verse! 

Romans 15:13

I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Remember, God made YOU! 

Until next Tuesday, this is Graciepopstar91 signin' off! 

Credit to the Daily Explorer for some of the Alpha info! I believe the posts about the Alphas were removed though.


  1. I believe Sir Gilbert would be the best Alpha to lead Jamaa, IF we could only have one. He would consider every side of the issue before making an informed decision.

    All Alphas together make up a wise council - a Round Table of sorts - to guide Jamaa's growth in the best way possible.

    Sir Gilbert would be my first choice to lead, but the pressure of a nation is heavy on one man- ahem, Tiger's shoulders. Presidents age very quickly. He is a master tactician, considering both the objectives to be gained, and the well-being of his troops. It takes great strength and wisdom to make such difficult decisions.

    Liza would put in her best effort to be a Jamaasian President, just as she gives her best to everything she does. Nevertheless, it is hard to concentrate on the problems of home when your heart is in far-away lands. Liza is the scout of the Alphas, and is in her element when commanding a small adventuring team.

    Greely would never wish for such a job, plain and simple. Presidents are closely scrutinized, no matter how much any of them wish to hide. Greely does not try to integrate himself with the Alphas' council, but learns many secrets on his own, waiting to throw in his weight when it counts.

    Peck is the artist, and the heart of the Alphas. The youngest, she might not have the experience necessary to lead, but makes up for it with a healthy dose of intuition. She can always be counted on to see the Jammers' side of an issue, and make it known to the other Alphas. (In my personal opinion, if Peck was President of Jamaa, she would introduce a bill to re-release Rare Spiked Collars. Yipes!) :P

    Graham is highly intelligent, but would rather spend his time in a workshop than in the White House. (If they even have a White House in Jamaa...) Graham is an essential part of innovation in the Alphas' team, but having an absentminded scientist for a President could cause problems. "Have you seen that important treaty? I'm sure I put it somewhere...."

    Cosmo is very talented, but I think we might run into the absentminded issue again. (If you'll recall the Adventure "Meet Cosmo", we had to remind him what an orange was called.) Speaking to plants is a rare gift, even in Jamaa's fantasy world. If Peck has a rapport with the people of Jamaa, Cosmo can be counted on to know the condition and needs of the land itself, and share that information with the rest of the Alphas.

    Each Alpha is an essential component of their team. It seems more like a family at times, and they have their share of squabbles. ;) Every individual contributes their gifts and qualities, and together, they make a whole, well-rounded group, dedicated to doing the right thing for the land they love.

    So, I guess my answer to which Alpha I'd have for President is... all of them! :D

    Aaaaaand I just realized that I wrote an entire article where I should have written a comment. CX Thank you Graciepopstar91 for a wonderful, thought-provoking post. I thoroughly enjoyed it. :D


  2. I'm afraid I'll have to vote out Snowflake Strongclaws. It is a vey nice outfit though! :)


  3. This is SUCH a good idea!!!

    I honestly would go with Liza. I love Greely SOO MUCH, but like Kara said, I doubt he'd want to be a complete leader. Plus, Graham doesn't even trust him! After he SAVED JAMAA FROM A FREAKIN' VOLCANO AND ALMOST DIED!!!!
    *Sorry, I had to rant about Graham's issues for a moment there.*
    All I'm saying is, if some animals doubt Greely's loyalty NOW (AFTER HE RISKED HIS LIFE. AHEM.), then who knows what they'd think if he was leader.
    Liza, though, has been a leader from the start. It's obvious she'd do anything to help Jamaa. :)

    * I'm sorry if this comments sounded rude to you, or anyone else out there. I just find it rather rude that Graham STILL does not trust Greely.*

    1. Haha, you're good, Swirl. ;) Graham has his reasons, I'm sure. Once broken, trust can be hard to regain.

      If you saw someone immersed in the lives of your enemies, and then they went missing for a long period of time, what would you think? Even worse, what if there was a possibility that they had been brainwashed by your enemies?

      I do trust Greely, in battle or in everyday life, but Graham's point of view can easily be understood. We have to give the Alphas time to work through their experiences.

      (Spoken like a true, imaginary citizen of Jamaa. XD)



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