Animal Jam's Most Epic Rare Item Monday Ever?!

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! And yes, today is Monday. And you know what that means! Its time for another rare item Monday! I was not feeling very well today so I didn't go on AJ early to see todays rare. That's also why this post is later than usual. Sorry about that guys! Anyways, so my friend asked me if I had seen it and I said no I have not. So I went to the daily explorer to see what it was. And all the I seen was a outline of a Top Hat. And I thought they brought back a Top Hat or made some new color. And I was half right!! After doing some detective work I seen that it was a magenta Top Hat! Whew, it seems I have a story with every rare item Monday! Lets just jump right into todays rare!

Todays rare was in a ''Secret Location''. I have to admit when I heard that, I thought it would be in a new hidden shop, or in a shop nobody would think to check. But it ended up being in the Diamond Shop. I didn't have to search for it when I logged on cause I already knew where it was. But even though I knew where it was, having it be in the Diamond Shop took away some of the excitement.

Todays rare is members only, and cost two diamonds. If I had to rate this item I would give it a 7. I do love magenta items, but this one has no color scheme. Which can make an outfit as a whole a tad over whelming. But if you style it just right it will look great! I really like magenta items! But Animal Jam has very few of them. So it was hard to find other magenta items to match with this Top Hat. But its possible to find them! I paired my Top Hat with a Magenta Jersey, Magenta Necklace, and Magenta Woven Slippers. I will add in a picture tomorrow!

*To make a long story short, I was supposed to go to the phone company Sunday. But the person who always helps us wasn't working that day. But the person on the phone said he would be there Monday. We were going to go today but I felt ill and so did my mom. We tried to see if he could help us over the phone but he was busy all day. But my mom and I are feeling better and we will go tomorrow. And I will go back to this post and add in a picture! Thanks for understanding and I cant wait to make better quality posts!*

As always. Bye, Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~


  1. Hi CoolCat! I'm glad to here you and your mom are feeling better! :)
    Hmm.. It seems a little strange that AJHQ would make a Magenta rare. Because Magenta is normally a glitched item color. I wonder if AJHQ will make more Magenta items in the future that are not glitched! We'll have to wait and see I guess! :)

  2. Everything going around is magenta this and magenta that I'm surprised this aj trend lasted this long


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