My Words to Grace

Arctic, I'm sorry for not posting on my schedule, but I'd like to say a few things to Grace right now.
You've been here for quite a while, and although I didn't know you that long, you seemed like an amazing person! You were one of those few people that wasn't obsessed with rares, could carry on a conversation, and post as much as possible. I know it's hard to post sometimes, but everyone here is happy that you made it this far. Even me! I just recently went through the same problem with my exams. However, now that they are over, I've been much more active and I can post more on the Animal Jam Spring and here. One of the causes for my shorter posts and missed posts on this blog was due to studying/homework. My suggestion is that you should take a break off AJ, and come back only if you want to.
I hope you see this, Grace! Thanks for being a part of the Animal Jam Community.

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