Dear Authors and Bloggers...

         Recently, Grace2092 has announced she is going to be quitting. A while before that, on her own blog, Meloetta385 has announced that she has to quit for she is being hacked. Also, before the author contest, Ferretlove3606 had announced she was quitting. In recent years, we have lost so many brilliant blog authors. The ones that are posting frequently with good content now are among few.
        It has been sad to see how many blogs are now "dead" and the few that do survive are not well recognized by AJHQ as AJyoutube is. Recently, they have released a new plaque called the "Youtube Plaque" which is basically a plaque for "famous" Jammers. I love Animal Jam and Youtube of course and AJYoutube. I am not hating on them. Yet, I feel like AJHQ is not giving as much support to the bloggers. The way to make them see this is to make a splash. I want everyone of you who has even thought about blogging about AJ to try. You may be new to it but there may be something in you that will give others joy and make them laugh, to cry, to enjoy AJ again. Who knows? Maybe one day, there will be someone in this community of Jammers who makes a big enough splash. I just want you to know, go out there and be your own kind of Jammer. Maybe in your own little way, you will find joy in a kid's game.
          And the ones who are already posting, continue to do so. You are the inspirations to us newer bloggers and the role models to us. I bet you that a lot of bloggers have been inspired by another one. You may never know what happiness you may bring to others. The veterans, please try your hardest to keep doing what you are doing. Do not think that your posts are in vain. There will be at least one reader who loves your content and your work. So, dear future, present and past bloggers of AJ, aspire to inspire someone else to start an AJ blog. Yet, what do I know? I am merely an amateur blogger.


  1. I feel extremely honored to be one of the few Animal Jam bloggers remaining who still posts frequently. My blog has been up and running for more than 2 years now, and it's never had a day of being "dead". I am so grateful for this; I love blogging and I love my blog. But without seeing other AJ bloggers I would never have thought to start. My biggest inspiration was SwimmerChamp and their Animal Jam Happenings Blog.. it sadly shut down though. But now, through my blog, you can see all of the ways they influenced me. So in a way I suppose I am keeping it alive. To all of you AJ bloggers out there- don't ever give up. When I discovered the world of Animal Jam blogging I couldn't believe I had been living without it. I would have quit if it weren't for all of you AJ authors. Good luck everyone and happy Jamming :)

  2. I truly wish Grace hadn't left, for she was a jammer who you could easily talk to, as said in the latest post. I recently made a post sort of like this as well, although I mentioned the jammers who quit blogs/blogging. Everything seems to be going downhill for me these last 2 years. But I just want you all to know, I will not quit. I will keep my blog up and running for a good, long while, just like Cerisewolf wants. Everyone out there, please keep the online AJ blogging community alive!!


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