New Items and Underwater Pet Glitch

Hello, it's Penguin, and today I've been looking all over blogs for glitches... and found one.
Before we get to that, here are the two newest items for today:

The Stitched Rug looks like it should be in Outback Imports. Also, the Princess Dress is perfect for the Diamond Shop since it's so 'fancy'.
I know I didn't do my usual quote of the day, but I've been terribly sick all weekend and didn't feel like searching for one. However, since I hate missing a post here, I decided to type up this one. I only have school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week so I'll post the quote on Wednesday.
Getting back to the brighter side... here ie the glitch that I stumbled across.
All credits go to Meloetta385's Animal Jam Flash for this glitch. I did it myself with some of my underwater pets. Yeah, I know, the weird jellyfish with a mustache really gives you nightmares...
What do you think about this glitch? You can try it yourself, and land animals will also go in underwater dens. Here is a picture of that part of the glitch:
It's time for me to go, and once again, I'm sorry for posting so late. Hopefully I'll feel better next week, but until then, see you later!

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