Happy St Patrick's Day!

Today is St Patrick's Day! General celebrated the holiday by ordering his pi items in rainbow order. Unfortunately, there aren't any orange pi items, so his pi rainbow abruptly moves from red to yellow.

So colourful!
Now that it's St Patrick's Day, the Lucky Party will be removed soon. Maybe a brand-new party will take its place!

General's green tuxedo jacket matches just about everything in the Lucky Party!

The Spring Festival has returned, and as of today, there are two seasonal adventures open at the same time!

Two seasonal adventures!

Speaking of the Spring Festival, not much has changed since it was introduced last year.

It's still a very "springy" adventure...sorry, General couldn't come up with a good caption!

AJHQ has added new ways to organise den items, but the icons are a little too small in General's opinion!

At first, General found it hard to tell what some of these icons stood for.
That's all for today! Happy St Patrick's Day!

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