Rare Carnival Item + Returning Clear Button

Hiya, hello, or hi. Any entrance is good. So I used all of them.
It's Penguin here, the guy that posts every Saturday. Today I'll post a few things that many people don't know about.
First of all, here is today's new item sold in Jam Mart Furniture!
This is a returning item that I believe many people like. I see people in Aldan sometimes saying this is a Den Beta, but it's not.
Do you all remember this part in the Jamaa Journal?
I found the Rare Carnival Item.
Surprisingly, it's for Non-Members! These types of rares barely ever come out. If you want to buy one, head to the Summer Carnival and go to the main Shop!
If you were a Beta Player you would know about the Clear Button. It was a helpful button that AJHQ made, and it would take off all the items on your animal. It was removed- but nobody knew why! However, I noticed something weird when I was going to look for new items...
See that tiny button in the Bottom Right? I clicked on it, and this happened.
Yep, the Clear Button has returned. Thanks AJHQ! This update has been amazing.
What do you guys think about the latest update and other new items? I believe AJHQ has done a good job. The World of Jamaa will always be changing, so make sure to get out there and look for new things. I hope you enjoyed this post and it helped you out. I'll see you guys next Saturday!


  1. hi! I JUST found this blog today!! and I find It AMAZING!! I've followed you! I love this page already, It's only been 20 minutes and I've gone through probably 30-40 posts! this is amazing :D and I will come back to check this out everyday!! ^^ I've only been playing animal jam since 2014.. my username is Djwolf2014here x3 I'm a youtuber, not that famous XD I'm only 15. I know I'm rushing into this, I'm going to introduce myself, "Hello, I'm Lillian Beaulieu, I'm a 15 year old girl, I LOVE to draw animal jam pictures of like my character, i love playing animal jam, I'm currently a member on animal jam, I only have 8 days left DX but I'm pretty rare, not trying to brag but yeah, If you want to add me I only have like 5 slots left, ANYONE can add me, my username is Djwolf2014here, I'm a youtuber, with 92 subs, my channel is Lillian Beaulieu, but nobody cares, It's nice to have found this amazing blog!!" ( By the way THANKS SOOOO MUCH IF YOU READ ALL OF THIS XD )


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