Fantastic Friday!

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Whats up! Valentines day is only 9 days away! So lets get crackin' on whats new in Jamma!

New in stores: Jam Mart Clothing: Heart Scarf- 350 gems- Pretty cute!
New in stores: Jam Mart Furnishing: Heart Hologram- 850 gems- Expensive and kinda tacky..

Q & C- Questions and Comments!

Ok well, lets talk about the new Jamaa Journal update!
New Friendship Den: Q- Do you think its cute, do you have one? 
Chinese New Year Party: Q- Do you think its an awesome party, or tacky? (awesome)
Chatting in Jamaa: Q- Do you think its good and healthy for kids?
Friendship Festival: Q- HOW EXCITED ARE YOU?
Comment your answers!

Valentine Den Contest!
On Tuesday I made a Valentine Den Contest, you have to take a picture of your den and send it in and I will pick whose is best and then you can win a Rare Polka Dot Tuxedo, so for all the people who did not look at Tuesdays post:
You can pick from two themes: "I Love Valentines Day! #Chocolates" OR "I got no Valentine #Forever alone"
4 pictures maximum- 1 minimum
You must be in the picture supporting the theme
Deadline- Monday February 15th
It must be of YOUR den
Have fun!

Fun Fact: In the UK, its illegal to eat mice pie on Christmas Day! Why? LOL
Thank you for reading my post and have, safe day!

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1 comment:

  1. 1. I think its cute but a little big (awesome slide)
    2. I can't wait to go to that party but I'm still waiting...
    3. Its cool that the people who do well get more freedom but the kids may find a way to say bad words
    4. VERY VERY VERY excited. I love the party and day.


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