Sand Toy Box

Hello Jammers! Long time no post from me. I apologize for that, but I am finally out of school for my summer vacation. There has been a lack of posts about daily items on this blog, and later today I plan on contacting the other authors to figure out a schedule that works.

The new item we have today is the Sand Oasis, located in Jam-Mart Furniture. The coloring of the water looks a bit odd. And the bucket is somewhat blurry. Update: After closer examination, that is from the steam rolling off the water. Although, I don't imagine sand oasis' becoming that hot.

What do you have planned for the summer? Any trips, or just staying at home? 

Have you checked out the new Cloud Party? It's nothing to rave about, but I might as well show you! The "sky" is a gray-blueish color. The weather varies throughout the party. 
 1. Where you spawn in

 2. An example of the weather variation located on the top right of the room

 3. Furniture items 

4. Clothing items

That's all for today's post Jammers, see you soon! 

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