Sweet Cats and Pillbox Hats!


Fashion just got better, for today's new item is the pillbox hat!
It was an unreleased adventure item. Do you think these types of items are still worth something since you didn't purchase them, or are they worthless because they can now be bought?

Shops these days, glitching out on the public and all, not enough to buy the items. Psh!
But if you really don't have enough, try Gem Ball on for size.
It's on double gems, and the jackpots are worth it! Just yesterday I got the double jackpot achievement, which is hard!

And hop on over to the Daily Explorer for some kangaroo information from Graham.
When I get membership, I was planning on buying an eagle for the new adventure and a kangaroo. Is it worth it? Generally four legged animals look a bit similar, so I could just wait to get the arctic wolf and snow leopard and the cheetah. What do you think?



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