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What's so special about today, you might be wondering until I give the answer?
Yep, the last day to buy a pet cheetah.
Apparently they'll come back soon. But who knows?

Dens are falling apart because of this hectic news.
Hang in there small house. You only house one Jammer. YOHOJ!

In other news, Tierney Thys has discovered a hermit crab with a plastic pen cap home.
Don't you think it's bad that animals are depending on these items like plastic to survive, but are being killed by it? Hopefully that crab can find a better shell.

Which brings me to a little historic water park history.
They're not for me. The calm slide life can;t hold back this roller coaster-er.

And we finally get to the new item, the Zios rug. Can you wonder why I saved it until last?
In the original legends, AJHQ mentioned that Zios created many stars and planets, and set them in motion. He sent eons creating lots of things. What could be on those other planets? Do you think some of them are alternate dimensions?



  1. @Ronen Jamaa, you may want to say "kwaheri" rather than "kwaherini" because the latter is usually used when you're not going to see the person (or whatever) again :3
    By the way, why are you using Kiswahili words? ^.^

    @Pumaa, can you check your email please?

    1. Okay. I use Kiswahili words because most of the names of things in Jamaa, like lands, are based of off the language. They all have a meaning and it traces to Kiswahili.

    2. @Ronen
      What? I never knew that fact! o3o

  2. I am SO GLAD they brought Zios back to Jamaa. It may just be a random item, but I'm sincerely hoping they start introducing Mira and Zios to New Jammers again. (If you didn't now, Mira isn't introduced in the Tutorial anymore! What a bummer!!)
    ~ 113457, Creature Spiritchamp

    1. It's not the beta wall zios... It's for the floors. :O


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