Double Mane Rackets


Tennis is my favorite sport, alongside bowling. The idea monster snapped and AJHQ finally released tennis rackets!
I think this should be a new mini-game. We haven't had a new one for years, and tennis makes for a competitive but friendly time.

I'd like to share a game tip, for the hardest achievement in Double Up.
They say nobody can be perfect, but if you take a screenshot of the completed board before the round begins then you could follow it and never get a mismatch! All in a few minutes' work.

And the most recent video in Brady Barr's Laboratory makes me wonder whether lion avatars are focused toward males in the game.
Lions have manes, and lionesses don't. So even if you use the eyelash eyes to signal other player's that you're a female lion, it still has a mane, and is still male in a way. So, should AJHQ create a lioness avatar, or not, and not go deep into one animal variety? This was the case with canines and felines.

Tell your opinion in the comments!



  1. Who DOESN'T love tennis? Nobody, right? ;) Badminton is pretty awesome too. (Did I spell that right?) ;p

    1. I don't love tennis, but it's not bad. My absolutely favourite sport is soccer, it's like the most awesome thing ever.

  2. Idk I hate tennis but I kinda like it

  3. Idk I hate tennis but I kinda like it


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