Five Horns & A Glass Shelf

Jambo, I apologize for the unusually timed post. Today's second-in-line-in-an-item-line is the glass shelf!
Good for birthstones, eh?

And giraffe art is featured on the Daily Explorer.
I see two horns, where are the other three?



  1. i just wanted to say, i hate what jamaa has become. you know what? im so quitting soon. i hate all of these people who are like, rares, rares, rares, rares, rares, rares, rares, rares...... etc. im officially SICK of it. literally. this game is so dumb filled with (MOST I MEAN MOST) dumb people. gladly there are so great people out there that play aj, and thanks to them my time spent on aj was good until now. basically ajhq is like, "i WANT your money money money" by chicago lol even though its more like i dont want your money..

    i wish aj was a better game... so goodbye people. im never coming back. thanks to aj, im not ever visiting aj again.. ITS SO FREAKIN!!! STUPID!!!!

    ~a not very happy player

    1. Sorry you feel that way, but remember, money is a need, and is almost never a want.

    2. ~ In Reply to "mad"

      I'm so sorry, son! I have come to realize you must live in great poverty and have low education! I notice you use rather bad grammar, and seem to take out your personal problems online! I understand how you feel! But remember: "If You Feel Judged, A Smile Makes a Great Umbrella!" So don't be unkind, don't be a cyber bully, and above all don't judge have a nice life!



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