Bare Settings


Cherry trees are a wonderful sight to behold.
But touch it and you'll be carrying home just plain wood.
It must be kept in the most safest place for expensive items, which is why it's only available in the blue orb in Epic Wonders.

I was in my parent dashboard when I noticed a few options that could affect my game-play.
Apparently you can now block gifting and trading from any players on your dashboard. I tested it out, and it's pretty serious.
Power to the parents, huh?

And our gaming tip of today talks about Earth Day.
Why not do something to help your environment today and stick to it? Even if you don't really care, it helps our ecosystems and overall the world.



  1. @Ronen

    Haha, yep.

    "You clean your room right now or else I'll disable your trading on Animal Jam!"

    1. LOL! So true. My parents would so use that against me. Who says they know about it though? Good thing my parents don't go on the parent dashboard that much. I will probably tell them about it though(NOT). My parents would most likely disable chat if I was being bad. *sigh* Parents...

  2. I was on a french server (using google translate) and I said "Party in my den!" and this bunny was like "NON" and I said "non!"

    It was funny.

    1. I think Bon means good and Non means bad. He said it was bad? D:

    2. Yeah. I looked it up on Google and it said that "bon" means "good." I also looked up "non" in French and it didn't come up with anything. My guess is that it means "bad."

  3. I like today's new item it's fits for the season


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