April Fools' Party Guide 2014

This is a re-post of the guide I made back in 2012. The party hasn't changed much since then, so why write it all over again?

Hey Jammers!
I finally got back into the party, so I'll post it now. This is by far my favorite party so far. Its CRAZY! First of all, AJHQ never said anything about it in the latest Jamaa Journal. Second, its in an upside-down castle den!
Here are some screen-shots of the inside of the castle- it's so confusing I can't tell which screen-shot goes where!

Click the food- a completely different food that you wouldn't expect will appear beside you! Also, when you click a certain game a completely different random game will pop up. For example, try clicking the Fruit Slinger game- Eat 'Em Up should come up!

Now here are some screen-shots of the yard and "sky".
Haha, an upside-down waterfall!

The sky, of coarse is at the bottom of the room. There are invisible walls and pathways in the sky, that lead you to a floating shop! There you can buy previously sold items, only upside-down!

This party is awesome! Everything is mixed up. Tell me what you think about it in the comments! Remember this party will probably only be available until April 3rd or something.

Jam On!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author


  1. Replies
    1. Thats kinda spamming U should say First and then some text like me.

  2. congrats on first, I actually like this party because it is pretty weird. Awesome post by the old author

  3. Yes Yes This is the classic upsidown party.

  4. Do aj realise what they've done to there game??
    on the day that beta dayz have ended AJ should do a party called 'BETA DAYS' when u click on it u find betas and such, such then buy them MWAHAAAH, and.. if u find a secert treasure (which should probably change places everytime since Youtubers like to show the world XD and if u find the treasure, if ur a member u get maybe.. any color headress (u pick?) and if u nm u get feather hat, straw hat,7 REAL (or 5) betas and..a new animal? and.. idk.. and BLACK WORN, fair enough? xD and member should also get..a tuki? or taki? or Umm..a diamond bad spike?????????????????? and MAYBE 5 betas TOO? Idk Choices... ;-; and. if u finish 20 quizzes (1 try only :D ) and find ALL journey books u get FREE CHAT for 4 months Plez and And hopefully any other way or free chat, IDK HOW TO EVEN LOG ON TO PARENT PORTAL sheesh xD MEEP KAAAAWWWAAAAIII :3
    RAWRZ soz i ish awkward SHEESH LEWISH, C: fried chicken.. sowwie anywayz MY USER
    -youtube channel shhhh i ish not tellin u ^W^
    -Member, im member unless ur reading this late :O i might be not anymore
    -this is posted on 2016 jan 7th :P my membership expires in... 5 months ;-;
    - I DONT STUDDER):C or wateves made up words MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP
    -plezh playz with meh in Moviestarplanet i have several accounts
    emo somthing
    -and my kawaii account which i unfortunatly deleted cuz i wus famous for my fabz artie and series but ppl tried to hk me so i deleted it i wuz soooo sick of it ):3
    -And i play ROBLOX my roblox acc is XoMarysaoX
    ^-^ Kawaii!!

    1. awesome idea XD XD XD i really hope there will be but i dont think AJHQ will want it XD XD XD


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