Random Item Update 08/02/2012

Please note that there is a difference between random item updates and Thursday item releases. Random Item Updates are when one or two new items come out randomly, without warning. These posts will not contain images. Regular Thursday item posts will.

Hi jammers!
Another random item was released today! Here is the item description:
  • Heart Eyepatch - Bahari Bargains (Bahari Bay Underwater Shop)
The Heart Eyepatch is the only item released today, so far. Stay tuned for more updates!



  1. HI Slidoo!! Please add ANIMAL JAM ADVENTURE to your blog list! http://sirspiritmoon.blogspot.com/

  2. Cool! I wish you could just post the image.

    1. It doesn't take more than a few mins. All you need to do is take a snap and post it! :T


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