New Item Update Post System

Hi jammers!
Animal Jam is getting pretty confusing with updates and Animal Jam Community is overflowing with item posts every day! It's getting irritating looking through the blog and seeing a bunch of almost identical posts about items, and new ones are added daily.

From now on, I will not post about items. (With the exception of Rare Item Mondays). The only time that Animal Jam Community will post about items it on Thursdays, like usual. They will be posted by Geckoguy. Geckoguy will post every item that has been released in the past week, including the new ones that were released on Thursday.

However, there is one exception - Rare Item Mondays. I will post about these, but they will be about the rare item only.

But we don't want to be late posting about these items released during the week, so I will have a special page  that will be cleared weekly and updated daily, containing all the new items released that week. This page will clear on Thursdays, when the new "item week" starts.

It seems a bit confusing but I promise that it will make our blog more enjoyable! You can access the page by clicking on the image at the top of the post section.


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