Jamaa Journal - Volume 54

Hi jammers!
The new issue of the Jamaa Journal has been released today. The Jamaa Journal contains all of the latest Animal Jam news!
The Jamaa Journal this week talks about penguins, and some other stuff we already know. It isn't really an issue that contains anything important... However it does say that Phantom Invasion has been changed. I guess that they realized that it used to be kind of a scam.
Also, new, better prizes have been added to Phantom Invasion, including "gold based rares". Okay, so these are hard to earn, I guess, but does that make the old batch of toys even more rare, or can you still win those? I'm a little bit unsure there! What are your thoughts?



  1. I am sooooo exited for the golden-based action figures! They will match all the other stuff in my room that's yellow!

    Real fast, I was wondering if you could add my blog to the list of blogs on the sidebar.

    It's called Animal Jam BLAM! and it's URL is www.hinwer.weebly.com . Thanks!

  2. there r gloves and medusa masks n the 5th page.

  3. -myself

    nvm there gone now... but im not a liar they were there i bought a glove and my member friend said that the old stuff from epic wonders came back to but now there gone! i wonder y they only brot them back for some hours...

  4. Hi Slidoo, please consider my website for your blogroll:

  5. you can still get the regular action figures. i cant get the dressed up ones, its annoying.

  6. @Slidoo

    Ever since you added my blog to AJS, it's gotten WAY more traffic! THANK YOU!


  7. HI!!! I was wondering if you could put my blog on your blog! Here's the link, thanks!!

  8. Draven again

    i saw this and I am making this clear (dot dot dot) I AM ANNOYED!!! golden figure are cool but penguins AAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!! why do all the awesome new animals go to the members?


  9. The original ones will still be here

  10. Kewl....anyways can you out my blog on your list? ( It's under construction for 2 weeks but it'll be over soon!)

  11. Wow the jamma journal looks differ I wonder if they even still have it!?

    1. Ikr. They were a lot better, really wanna see them again!


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