Happy Earth Day!

Hey guys! It's Penguin here, back and ready for another post.
This week I finished my school's exams. They're the biggest tests of the year, and a lot of stress is now gone. I do have a few more less important tests towards the end of the year, but as I just said, they aren't as big.
Now, getting away from the subject of school, I will he on Animal Jam much more now! Summer vacation is nearing and I'm really excited for the upcoming months.
For the new item today, you can visit the Diamond Shop and find it. It is the Spring Flower cloud.
I really like the new clouds being released. They are all unique.
The Daily Explorer update is next, so here it is!
 Yes, today is Earth Day. I honestly didn't do anything to celebrate it today, but April 22nd is an important date. Our earth supplies a home for all of us and we really need to help it out more. Clean up any trash outside, take a walk, etc. All of these will help. I always make sure to pick up litter myself- it's like a habit.
Finally, I think I know where AJHQ for the inspiration for the eggstravaganza. Below, there is a screenshot of the prize for the 2013 Egg Hunt. One of the eggs hatches into a crocodile. I personally think AJHQ remembered this and got their eggrstravaganza idea from it. What do you think?
There's nothing else to speak about in this post, so that's the end of it. I hope you enjoyed, and I'll see you all next time!

1 comment:

  1. I never thought of that! Though I must admit that the pet crocodiles are much cuter than the one from egg hunt!

    Great post!

    - Arctic


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