The Jamaalidays Arrive 2016!

Penguin is back again! Today is Saturday, but it's also December now. I'm also the first person to post on the AJ Community this month, so this will be similar to an update post! But, where are my gummy bears?
Oh, wait. I never had them. So let's just begin the post. The Jamaaliday gift Calendar is back, and here are the prizes you can get from it today!

I believe that AJHQ will be releasing many new Jamaaliday Gifts this year. There's already been two new ones in the three days of December. Also, every Jammer can get Diamonds every other day in December on the Gift Calendar! This is very generous.
I'd also like to show you the update from Thursday. Here it is.

In this update, Non-Members have gotten many new things! This is cool, and basically every Jamaaliday feature from last year has returned. I like them all, so I'm glad about this. The Jamaalidays are my favorite time of the year.
This is random, but here is one of the many new loading screens AJHQ had added in.
I've also found another interesting topic. You do know how AJHQ has been releasing hidden items into the dens they display on the "Epic Dens" tab? (Yes, I know that sentence sounded awkward.) Now, speaking of this, I found a hidden item in the Gingerbread House they're currently displaying!
If you go to the left, you'll find a sled made out of Candy Canes.
After clicking on it, this shop will pop up, and you can buy your own Candy Cane sled!
I think these hidden items are cool. They always make you go to the display dens, and they attract a lot of attention.
Before I end this post, I wanted to announce that AJHQ is hosting another Diamond Challenge on the Daily Explorer! Make sure to enter soon if you want to win.
 Now, this post is pretty much done. I have no other things to share with you. But I hope you enjoyed it! I'll see you in my next post.


  1. I'm glad they're giving diamonds to EVERYONE this year, not just mems. c:

  2. OMG im so glad i saw this post! Finnally a christian! Plz jam or buddy me on animal jam my username is Gfox0 ty!

  3. OMG im so glad i saw this post! Finnally a christian! Plz jam or buddy me on animal jam my username is Gfox0 ty!

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