Animal Jam Graphics + Thoughts on New Features!

Hey AJC followers! ^.^ It's Panda here (a.k.a. awesomepanda868 on Animal Jam), one of AJC's newest authors! I'll be posting on most Fridays, unless I get busy or something.

Before we get started on today's post, I'll tell you about myself in 5 words so we can get to know each other!

I am... fun, awkward, energetic, shy/quiet in real life (<-- Does that count as one word? Just go with it, K?) and creative. Boom! Super speedy-fast, am I right?

Ooh, I have an idea! How about you guys leave 5 words describing yourself down in the comments down below! That way we can all get to know each other! Plus, it's kinda fun to think of 5 words to describe yourself--I would know, 'cuz I just did it a few paragraphs ago. :P


I'm not quite sure if any new items were released today, because I forgot to log onto AJ yesterday. (Oops!) So, I can't really give you an accurate report on the new updates today... but do you know what I can do?

Give you some free-to-use graphics!

Pumaa made a ton of graphics and den overviews (that are currently posted on the Graphics page, FYI) awhile back, but since the page hasn't been updated in a bit, I decided I'd create some of my own!
I love making graphics, edits and den overviews, by the way, so this was super fun for me. I actually have a graphics blog, called Animal Jam Graphic Central (shameless plug, lol) where I post all of my graphics.

But enough rambling by moi--let's get into these graphics!

^ please give credit if you use this den overview ^

I hope you liked them! :) You can use them for YouTube thumbnails, channel arts, edits, blog headers etc. for free. (Yay for free-ness!)

Now, to add a bit more substance to this post, I'll be reviewing some of the newest Animal Jam updates and giving my thoughts on them. Yipee!

First, let's take a look at the new head feathers. I personally think this item isn't AJ's best work. It seems like a pretty obvious copy of the original head feather item, with only some slight pattern and color changes (plus the addition of another feather). For 3 diamonds, it seems like they perhaps should have changed up the item a bit more from the original? I don't know... what are your thoughts?

(Psst! Comment "OMG AN AARDVARK!" if you like my seal's #onfleek outfit in the picture above. Pretty snazzy outfit skills, eh? ;D)

Time to check out these nifty new pet bees! I'm pretty sure these came to Jamaa last year as well, which is pretty cool. I think these lil' buggers are so adorable and kawaii--don't you agree?

Now for my thoughts on the new pet trading feature. I think that this is a pretty cool features, and will sort of liven up of the pet feature of the game. People had sort of forgotten about pets for awhile, I think, and this new feature will probably make people notice and care about their pets a bit more now.

However, I have to ask--is it really ethical to be trading away your own animal for a new animal? Doesn't that sound kind of... I dunno... weird? 

I'd personally never trade away any of my pets, but I'm sure that others will love this new feature!

Well, I hope you enjoyed that post! Remember to comment down below:
  •  a five-word description of yourself
  • the secret message hidden in this post somewhere (OMG so mysterious!)
 I loved making this post--lemme know what you'd like to see in future posts from moi! I promise to pay more attention to the updates so I can give you guys a proper updates post from now on. :P
Have an amazing day!

~ awesomepanda868 (a.k.a. Panda)


  1. Ooo! Okay, here's my description!

    Quiet (around people I don't know)

    Hehe! :)

    Also, those graphics are AMAZING! You're so good at making graphics, Panda! I don't know how you do it!

    1. I personally made a promise to myself to never trade MY pets or trade FOR pets. It just seems cruel to me. :1

    2. Ooh, we're so similar! :O And thank you so much! <3

      Same here--trading my pets seems pretty weird, and I doubt I'd ever do it.

    3. I know, right!? And NP!
      What program do you use to make those? I can't seem to find a good website to make graphics on! Everyone says Pixlr, but I never figured out how you work it...hehe.

      I traded for a pet squirrel my friend custom-made for me, but that's it. XD

  2. (MYTHaka princesilly55194) and my 5 qualities are funny courageous weird friendly and sarcastic and that seal tho #onfleekevryday

    1. Sarcastic peeps FTW, haha! :D I'm super sarcastic--probably too much so for my own good. :P


    2. (MYTH) me too panda me too #THEONFLEEKISUNREAL (I'm sorry I had to)

  3. Oh, what fun! XD

    I am: energetic, funny, sweet, encouraging, and creative.

    Ok, if you showed this list to some people that I meet outside of my house and stuff, they'd think it's totally wrong. Cause in crowds or with people I don't know a ton I am: shy, quiet, sweet, awkward, and... I don't know what. XD

    Thanks for the little challenge thing. :D

    1. Being creative is definitely super-duper important! :D

      OMG same! All of my teachers think I am like some sort of mute ghost or something, but in real life I'm super energetic, talk ALL THE TIME and am kind of crazy. :P

    2. Same here! At home, I'm pretty crazy and active, but at school and everything, I'm much more shy and awkward! :1

  4. Welcome to AJC Panda!
    Hmm... Five words to my describe would probably be:
    Creative, weird, shy, awkward, and funny 😜
    I chose shy and awkward because around adults/teens my parents know, I'm EXTREMELY shy and awkward. I always hold my arm with my hand and don't say much when I'm around them...

  5. hmmm.. for me I would say the 5 words are:

    Great First post, Panda!
    -Unikitty777 :3

  6. Ok for me I'd say..

    Amazing. (lol, real answer for this is weird)

  7. And also something about me is That I am SUPER SCARED of being alone in the dark! I think its something to do with what my 2 older brothers did to me at nap time but thats a different story! ;)

    1. I hate being alone in the dark as well. I literally won't sleep somewhere unless something else alive is in that room.

  8. And also, Nice first post Panda! I love the 'Animal Jam Graphic Central' :)

  9. Also..

    WHO TRADES THEIR PETS THATS JUST CRUEL! I always accept pets though. It's cruel to turn them down. PETS4EVER GO TO MY DEN AND YOU'LL SEE WHAT I MEAN

  10. Great post Panda, awesome to have you on the blog!

    Five words to describe me? Hmm, tough to say! How about:

    1. Musical
    2. Friendly
    3. Sentimental
    4. Confident (I try my best to be, haha)
    5. Spontaneous

    Huh, I've been away from trading so long I didn't realize pet trading was a feature! Interesting way to raise interest for pets, I suppose. Anyway, I'm not big on trading, or pets, so I wouldn't be trading them anytime soon, though I would agree it seems a tad bit cruel to just trade them like items!

    Once again, awesome post, can't wait to see more!



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