20 Pieces Of Highlighted Art Around Animal Jam, And Big News!

Hey everyone! Graciepopstar91 here! Today I was torn between two blogging subjects, and my mom gave me the idea to share them both! The first subject I will talk about is, 20 pieces of highlighted art around Animal Jam! Im going to highlight 10 Animal drawings, and 10 Nature drawings! Lets begin!

Now for the Nature drawings!

All of these masterpieces are truly breathtaking! Comment below on which one is your favorite!

Now for my second topic! A few days ago, Animal Jam released some interesting news on the Daily Explorer. AJ is now going to be returning lost items! I thought this was very interesting because in the past, they were strict about not returning any lost items. Lost items meaning, items you lost in a scam. This system will go in affect this Thursday! There are some rules though. Here they are!


  • ONE TIME ONLY - The item return is a One Time Only courtesy for an account and is done at our discretion.  Do not fall for promises of something given at a later date, a trust trade, or an item sent to you as a gift in return for something else.  We will not return items after this courtesy has been extended. This is equal to member and nonmember alike.

  • NO HEADDRESSES - We will not return items that are unavailable in game. This means we will not return headdresses, horse coins or other rare items that have been removed from availability/purchase but may be still actively traded by players.

  • THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS! -  Don’t ruin this policy for yourself and the rest of the community by abusing or trying to game the system. If you make a fake claim of being scammed, we reserve the right to discipline your account, as well as any accounts involved in the attempt, and will reject any future claims of being scammed. This includes attempts to game our new policy with fake claims or conspire with friends to create a false scamming scenario.

  • WE DON’T TIME TRAVEL – We will not consider returning items you report being scammed a long time ago.

  • NO EXCUSE TO SCAM – Trying to scam someone is just plain mean-spirited and damages the wonderful community we have in Animal Jam.  We do investigate players attempting to try and trick and take advantage of other players.  Don’t be one of THOSE kinds of players.  Help other players learn to trade and create a more positive community. Because we may consider returning an item once, it is no excuse to justify bad behavior and poor camaraderie.


What do you think of this new policy/system? I hope it will help the community!

Before I go, I would like to congratulate Coolcat and Panda on being accepted into this blog! Its still surreal to me that I am writing here. Im sure you guys will enjoy it as much as I am! I wish you both good luck! And remember, God is in control of this all! It was for a reason that you were chosen to write here!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post! 

Heres todays Bible verse! This time, I drew it the Bible verse!

Remember, God made YOU!


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    1. I really like the 2nd to last one! It's beautiful.

  2. My favorite!? How can I choose? I love them all!

    I must say, though, I love Nimadoodle's art style! I asked her she did art requests, but sadly, she said she normally doesn't. Oh well! I still love her art, and all the others you posted! And more! :)

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    Thanks! from nat7610


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