Leprechaun Hat and Shortened Post

Greetings Jammers! Allow me to provide you with a backstory:

Last night, I was awake past 1:00 AM for the sole purpose of completing the boatload of french homework I was assigned. I feel asleep while doing my work (fell asleep at like 2:00) and I still was not finished. Thus, I woke up late this morning, and I haven't the time to make a factual part of this post. My apologies!
Today in the Land of Jamaa we have a new and fabulous head item: the leprechaun hat! You can get this cute item for 300 gems in Jam Mart Clothing, so buy one today!

I'm so sorry!

                                              Contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com


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  2. i also have a lot of french homework. i had to edit my french speech and write the good copy of it and im not even finished yet. its alot of hard work translating english words into french and writing it down on paper.


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