Jamaa Journal VOL. 139

There is only one thing new in this update!

Hey Jammers! Today is the day everyone has been waiting for, for two weeks! There is one catch though, there is only one thing new! However, if you're a MLP fan, this one is for you.

Pet ponies are here in Jamaa! Although these are quite adorable, they are in the diamond shop! They're are a range of new colors to pick from for this pet, let's have a look!

Nice light and poppy colors! Hm, something does look familiar though...



Well what do you think of Animal Jam pretty much copying MLP? What were they trying to do? I think they were trying to relate more to MLP fans on this (wow stating the obvious).

Moving on!

Mark March 5th on your calenders folks! That day, Snow Leopards will be leaving! I believe the only reason why Animal Jam does this, is because they want to make the "endangered" species of an animal  (in this case the snow leopards) more popular. And also, because in real life, Snow Leopards are endangered. 

"Explore THE FORGOTTEN DESERT, the fun and rewarding Adventure, with Jamaa's ALL NEW OWLS!" .... I don't know if you Jammers knew this, but since the owls came out, you could be an owl while playing that adventure. *slowly claps for Animal Jam*

Oh and don't forget that the Friendship Festival will be ending soon! I wish that they would put the items (for the Friendship Festival) on clearance, like they usually do for holidays like this. 

...I honestly have nothing to say about this.

For the last part of the post, we have a GIF and True or False Question!

That's beautiful!

And for the question....

You can lead a cow downstairs, but not upstairs.

That's all for today Jammers! See you on Saturday!


  1. Hey Jammers, just a quick update. It looks like a photo I had next to rainbow dash has disappeared! I will add it again when I can.

  2. sorry i couldn't go on aj too often lately. i have 2 tests on monday so i have to study

  3. you actually can lead a cow upstairs but not downstairs. this is because the ankle and knee joints are misaligned. they could walk downstairs but it gives them trouble. click the link for a easier-to-understand answer. https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=1006041931188


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