Opal Birthstone and How To Make a Great Den!


Today is one of those rare occasions that I have not found any new items! Each and every shop have I checked, and not one hath been successful!  (excuse my love for old English)

*Sorry! People have pointed out to me that the new item today was the Opal Birthstone! How could I have missed that? 

You can get this beautiful item at Epic wonders in the den item orb!

Therefore, I have decided today, that I would do a den tutorial similar to the outfit tutorial that mldriver did. Let's get going!

When you first decide to design a den, you should keep in mind a theme. Do you want your den to be naturalistic, scary, colorful, or modern? It's your decision! Keep this theme in mind as you do your work.

Next, choose a wallpaper that goes with your theme. For instance: if you have chosen to do a candy theme, the yellow sweets wallpaper works quite well, while if it is a scary theme, the bat wallpaper may be a better choice.

Work from the outside in. In my mushroom hut den (my main den) I made a garden outside, which would match with my den's natural, easygoing theme.

Once you are happy with the outside of your den, you can start working on the inside. Once again, choose items that match your den's theme. Depending on what kind of den you are going for, the items will change. If you are doing a nature den, wood works well!

Once you've come up with the overall frame of the den, you can start adding extras like banners, music, candles, plants, and decorations. I find that adding furniture first and decorations later works well!

Congratulations! Now you have your den! Feel free to add more items to it as time goes on!

I hope you found this tutorial helpful!

Now it is time for the fact of the day:

Scientists who first discovered the platypus tried to pull its "fake" bill off.

I even have a picture to go with it!

I must admit, the platypus is a very strange looking animal, and it seems very unlikely that it would have a bill. Such amazing creatures in this world!

Adventure Awaits

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  1. Great post Arctic! Very helpful c:
    But btw, the new item is the Opal Birthstone.

    1. Thanks! I am glad you found it of use. Thank you for telling me what the new item is, I have updated the post!

    2. Yeah! Thank you for the tips! :DDD

  2. Replies
    1. I really love the way you decorated your den!

  3. cool its a birth stone btw sorry or the wait of stories ill do em when i get back from school evryday


    1. Alrighty, thanks! I have updated the post. Great job on your stories, I am a big fan XD

  4. Wow, people would do weird stuff back then. But, trying to pull the "fake" bill off a platypus is definitely up there! Also, great den tips, Arctic!

    ❤ mldriver ❤

    1. Thanks! I agree, they DID do some strange things in the past.

    2. Lol. That sorta looks fake... XD

  5. that is a must get sorry no story today im fresh out of ideas you can read my old ones
    like i must get the opal my birthday is coming up on the 11th mybe someone could get one for sweet lil me . . . no gems (sweet little me) :) :blush:


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