Jamaa Journal VOL.125 Otters Are Here!

Hey Jammers! Mldriver here posting the Otter update today! So, let's get started.

The first page of the Jamaa Journal:

Yay! You can now ge- Wait! In the DIAMOND SHOP?! Are you kidding me? And when I go to the diamond shop...

Let's just say this. Animal Jam lost more fans, than gain some. But, Otters are extremely CUTE!

This is their actions:



(they clap their hands to together and duck their head)



(they juggle fish and then eat them)

Okay, moving onto the next page...

Yes! They have a new book in Chamber of Knowledge! For some reason I really enjoy reading those. And then there is a new Otter Exhibit in the Conservation Museum. 

The beloved Sol Arcade is having a SALE! Everything is 50% for the next two weeks. Man, I should of waited to make an arcade...
Now the adventure Turning the Tide has a hard mode now. And it says you can win an EXCLUSIVE and RARE set of LIONFISH ARMOR! Sweet!

And next we have an Alpha Spotlight~ Taive

She is very unique. And she also has such a cute pet named Rio. Is that the first Alpha to have a pet? Moving on for the last page is just advertisement.

Have any of you Jammers purchased the Play Wild Fund Bands? They cool pretty cool. That's it for the Jamaa Journal, but I'm not finished yet!

There is also a new badge for the otters:

Cute! And last but not least, a new item!

You can get this at Jam Mart Furniture. I don't know about you, but this kinda freaks me out.

And now the actions for the Otter underwater!
(they do something weird with their necks, I can't describe it)





Also, did you guys see the new trade system?

Man, this will take long to get used too. 

Okay, I'm pretty sure I got everything. If I missed anything, comment below and I will add it.

How do you guys like the update?
Yah or Nah?

Contact me at: mldriver.jamaa@gmail.com


  1. The update is short and not bad. Here are my opinions:

    Otters: I'm a little unhappy that otters went to the Diamond Shop but if you ever have 10 diamonds, it's worth buying an otter than anything else, except if it's an eagle, they're worth buying, too. I hide in my den as an otter, as long as I am away from large crowds, I won't be bothered.

    Other otter features: They seem pretty cool! I'll check them out later!

    Sale and Hard Mode Adventure: I'll check those out, too!

    The New Alpha: Flippin' awesome! I hope we'll get more Alphas in the future....

    New Item: It DOES scare me. Liza is just there staring at something. Is it me? Am I the one she's staring at? Is Liza staring into my soul??

    New Trade System: I sometimes trade to empty my list from Eagle Adventure stuff so I might get used to it. ^.^

    Hoefully we'll see each OTTER today, Mldriver! :DD Get it? Insyead of other it's otter? Whatever....


    1. Wow, that's such a good joke. XD

      And yea! With the trade thing. When I say items on trade for nm only, now I can see if they are nm or not!

    2. i am so fickle when i saw they where in the diamond shop:gets qiver down back: i was like this
      FJKSGEFGEUIWGR I HATE AJ AND I ALWAYS WILL FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      but i love it again lol word of the day: bamboozle~to confuse or manipulate

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oops deleted my comment hehe, anywho, great post! I love the otters- they are adorable! Kinda wish they werent diamonds though- I really wanted a snow leopard

  4. 3,005 views today! That's the most we've had in a while. :D

  5. its cool i guess but not worth10 diamonds....

  6. Otters are cool I really want one lol

  7. Its very strange how they are the only animals with whiskers though but that makes them cute :3

  8. The otters are cool!!! I got one!

  9. When do you think polar bears are coming out?? I heard in November, but not sure what the date is for them to come out. But at least I know 1 thing!!!!! ITS COMING OUT ON MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! :D my use is Midnightmoon200


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