High top sneakers and Otter Fish Fun!

Hello Jammers, and good day! Sorry about the late post! Let's get talking shall we?

We have a new item circulating Jamaa, have you seen it?

Introducing the High Top Sneakers! These look a lot like converse sneakers... A bit human-y looking... They aren't all that bad though! I might buy these!

Today is a great day for fishing! Why fishing, you may ask? Well today, I would like to show you something interesting that AJHQ added with the otters. Depending on what color of items you wear the color of fish that your otter eats when it plays changes. This only works on some clothes. Observe:


Hula Skirt:

Royal Cape:


And those are only a few examples! I wonder what other items work? Tell me your experiments in the comments!

Lastly, did you know that the Wind Armor is leaving the diamond shop? Get the set before it's gone for good!

Adventure Awaits!

If you have anything to tell/ask me whether its codes, glitches, questions, or Jammer Sundaes, contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com


  1. High top sneakers? Wooow.... XD Yeah, I noticed the fish thing. :3 I have nothing to
    say about the wind armor ^.^
    ~wolfpaws4330 who can't log into Blogger because she forgot the password. -.-

    1. XD I have so many accounts for different websites sometimes the passwords get hard to keep track of!

  2. cool what colar would the fish be if you took off all the cloths 0,0 on the more sad hand my best buddy unbuddied me cuz i got confused about an item she wanted back luckly for her i figured it out and gave it back but she unbuddied me :(

    1. I believe it is a white fish with reddish scales when you have no clothes on. Aww, have you tried explaining to her what happened?

  3. you won pumaa check ur jam a grams and get online guy s=a cheap necklece and sice u are nm i will trade u the rare butterfly wings (i lost my mech)

  4. Even though I really like high top sneakers in real life, I'm not a fan of them in AJ. The only thing I like about the AJ versions is that they have a paw print symbol on it, it's just like the cap. I might make an outfit with the sneakers just if I wanna look ridiculous.

    I got an item that changes the fish colours. It's the leaf necklace. When I put it on, the fish's first colour is raspberry and the second colour (lines) is orange (I wear an orange leaf necklace). When I take the leaf necklace off, the fish's first colour is white while the second colour is brown (probably because my otter's main fur is brown or just nothing).

    Good thing I bought that armour! I really loved that armour, well, I guess it's time to say goodbye to it! I wonder what will be the next armour that'll come.....


    1. P.S.- The way the colours change is really "fishy" to me.... X3



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