Sea Lions (Or Vice Versa)


Score! Soccer items in Jam Mart Furniture! Why not host a game in your den?
You have your pro soccer ball and net, and that's it so far.

Don't kick too hard now, or else it might end up at sea.
Well, my pet hamster Earthguy would get it for you. He dislikes garbage being thrown in the wrong places. It could hurt animals. Speaking of...
This was posted on the Daily Explorer by accident before it was taken down. If you want to help endangered animals like lions, you can donate gems in the Conservation Museum in Appondale or print the printable pages in the Medical Center in Kimabara.

Going back to the topic of the sea, this week's AJHQ+A answers how some were named.
There should be a green sea. That would definitely make me happy.

Eagle and hyena badges are here!
You know, it makes me wonder. Where are the hyena plushies? Did AJHQ forget about them? I feel disappointed that they haven't been making new toys, but what about plushie collectors?



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