Monkeys Will Be Returning To Jamaa!

Hi jammers!
Remember a few months back, when monkeys became extinct to Jamaa? Well, so far, jammers have donated 90 million gems - whoa! When 100 million gems are donated, monkeys will return to Jamaa!
To donate gems, go to the Conservation Museum - the museum that has been transformed purely to help conserve wildlife in Jamaa and educate kids on how to conserve wildlife in the real world! You can click on the donation box to donate gems.
How many gems have you donated?



  1. Hey,

    I just wanted to ask if you could post my friends blog on your other blogs.

    Herte is link:

    Thanks, Wolfgirlgo

  2. I donated like, 20,000 gems! Mainly cuz I LUV monkeys!


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