Fox Tail Chair and Monocle

Hi Jammers! There are 2 new items today. 1 from today and 1 from yesterday. Here is today's item:
A Monocle! It is underwater. I wonder what it looks like? I didn't really have time to see. It is members only and 450 gems. It can be found on the 1st page of Bahari Bargains.
Yesterday's item:
Fox Tail Chair! Cool! Well, I guess the tree collection is over. What do you think? Comment your thoughts. It can be found on the 1st page of Jam Mart Furniture. Well that's all for now Jammers! Have an EPICLY EPIC day!
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  1. Hello! Please could you put my blog up? URL:


  2. Slidoo, I am taking a break from blogging, so I won't be able to post as much or for a little while. Thanks!

  3. I'm making a fox den. Any1 kno were I can find the giant plushies anymore?

    1. Cool! I have some fox stuff if you need them! ^.<


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