RIM: Rare Star Cape

Hey Jammers!
TheSlidoo can't post until Tuesday, so I will do everything until then. And today is... Rare Item Monday!

Hot Cocoa Hut (Mt Shiveer):
It's Nonmember! Maybe AJHQ realize they weren't giving nonmembers enough items. I also lost membership when I was on vacation...

Jam On!



  1. Wacky Costume Idea:
    Spiked hair (rare if possible)
    Tie (rare if possible)
    Star cape (rare if possible)
    Silver ring or silver glove
    Put all of these on a penguin
    Color idea 2 go with costume:
    1st color: white
    2nd color: white
    Pattern: black cow splotches

    This looks RLLY FUNNY on penguins, seals, or... well... just about any animal!

    1. O wait! 4 the eyes do the default eyes (the eyes ur penguin came with) or the giant round eyes!

  2. I really loved this item a long time ago. Not a big fan, today...


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