Jamaa Journal Vol. 052

Hey Jammers!
TheSlidoo's laptop still isn't working, so I will post this for him today...

Page 1:
Hummingbirds are the new pet! Unfortunately, the only way to get them is by buying a membership through AJ Outfitters.

Page 2:
The Summer Carnival has FINALLY arrived! It even has it's own currency called Carnival Tickets. I will post a video of this soon. ;)

Page 3:
Another contest, this time for a new pet! I guess it can be for land or ocean.

Page 4:
The new nonmember animal will be... Penguins! For some reason they want to wait until next update to do this. And now Members can have 300 den item slots! But what about nonmembers like me?! And I was kind of hoping for 200 clothing slots...

Page 5:
More of the gimmicky "Rare" tags... I guess they can be useful...  And if you join the Club in June you get a Golden Glove. And notice how all the items are in 3D? It looks good on gloves, but not much else... I am going to miss the old look.

Page 6:
So apparently this week is "Adoption Week" and we are supposed to adopt a lot of pets. Weird idea... And they even got Dr. Tierney Thys to introduce Adoption Week.

Jam On!



  1. They should make hummingbirds available n the Diamond Shop now that u can't get them from AJ Outfitters!

  2. 300 den slots and 200 clothing still don't do for us. We need 500 clothings and 600 den. Lol. It would be hard to find stuff then...

  3. I love the pet hummingbirds! I really didn't expect them to be for purchased with dollars. DX


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