Appondale Journey Book Cheats

Hi jammers!
The new Journey Book in Appondale is here, and this post will give you full cheats on how to collect everything in the book. Here are the animal locations:
The ant is one of the only things in the Journey Book that can be found at all times. It's located near the mud pit.
Black Mamba:
The black mamba is probably the second most common thing in the Journey Book. It is constantly slithering around, it's pretty hard to miss.
The warthog is also a common sighting. It appears in the mud pit.
The zebra is fairly common but isn't around all the time. You can see him running back and forth in the distance.
This big animal can also be found in the distance. He is less common than the zebra but does still appear often.
Rock Hyrax:
The rock hyrax is slightly less common and can be found near the edge of the room, on a rock.
The cockroach is also always visible. It crawls around near the door to the Animal Museum.
The weaverbird's nest is always visible but the bird itself is not. When it is around it will be hanging off the giant tree.
Guinea Fowl:
This large bird is fairly common. It can usually be found near the random mysterious cave.
The meerkat is hard to spot but it is usually standing on this rock.
Golden Mole:
This funny animal is probably the hardest, least common thing to find. He only appears every now and then, and only for a short time, in the cave.
Getting Your Prize:
Once you've found everything, click on the gift in your Journey Book. Your prize is...
...The Acacia Pet Tree! This item is a GIGANTIC item and takes up quite a bit of space. You can put your pets on it! What do you think?



  1. In the spooky party there is a line by the window that the ghosts fly by and click on it and it will show you the bat pet finder. Awesome!

    1. on the cockroach u wrote also also

  2. non members can go on full servers now

  3. I did this with out help and under 2 minutes. XD

  4. What happened to posting the authors today...

  5. These are so helpful thank you so much i have loads and loads of things in my den now,
    Please add me:
    Username: tinyaubs1203
    AJ name: Empress Icystar or Emperor Icystar

    Thanks again, super super helpful

  6. This was rlly helpful! Thx!!!

  7. Again. >.<
    Also on this page, most comments carry links. .o.
    I think it's the same person, because the times are almost at the same time.
    This person has so many blogs, nevermind not likewise to click them.

    1. The pages may be full of viruses, so I can't risk in clicking. Anyway, I bet all of those aren't his/her blogs. So many blogs at one time? Eh, im-paw-si-ball.
      Maybe it's just others' blogs.

  8. Anyway, what habitat are these Appondale creatures from?

  9. i love this blog u are a really good blogger keep up the good work

  10. im a huge fan of your blog and i wanted you to know that tornadomoose supports you


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