Note to our Authors

Hello authors, I am writing to you to let you know that I am not very happy with the quality of posts here recently.

I know I am not one to talk... I haven't posted in a long time, but if you guys want to maintain your author spots (you don't have to), I expect that you are posting updates, glitches, stuff like that, not random posts of videos, pictures, stories, etc...

This blog has a reputation of being professional and we've managed to keep it up for nearly 5 years now, I don't want to throw it out the window.

So, of course you can have fun in your posts like Mldriver and Arcticstar have done a lot of, and you can host contests too, and do other things to get readers involved, but please make sure everything that goes up is as professionally written as possible and has some purpose of being posted here.

With that being said, if I find that someone is making an abundance of posts that really serve no purpose and don't contribute to the topic of the blog (which is cheats and updates) I will remove the author responsible. I don't want to take that sort of action but it may be necessary. However I have faith in you all, so I'm sure I won't need to do it!

If you think I am being unreasonable, you don't have to stay as an author here; after all, it is a voluntary position and I really appreciate everyone who has taken over the blog for the past many years. I just want to make sure we never lose the high quality that separates us from a lot of other blogs.

ALSO: Please check your emails as Arcticstar sent us all a very helpful posting schedule! If you have any issues with it, feel free to email in, but otherwise, please, let's get that going ASAP and stick to it if we can, because I think it will help a lot.

Pumaa and I may start trying to be more active with posts in the summer, if we do, we can change the schedule accordingly.

And finally, we're approaching 2 million hits, and probably by the end of the summer we'll be almost there... we should definitely think of something special to do!

Thanks :)


  1. Hey, Slidoo, please delete those rude comments about me, and also, I am trying to make video themed posts because so many people enjoy watching videos more than reading posts but I am working on a very fun and hopefully professional post type that everyone will love and also brings more pageviews to every post. It's not about AJ, but about AJC.

  2. Hi Ferret, could you show me which posts they're on? I'll definitely remove them. People shouldn't be saying rude stuff.

    Also, do you think it'd help if I turned comment moderation back on? Or should I still leave it open?

  3. Ohh I saw them and took them down... I find it funny that they have to hide behind "Anonymous" to be rude. Don't let them get to you.


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