Buddy Policy and Information

So, do you want to be my buddy on Animal Jam? Awesome! Just read this page for information on how to do so.
I will accept all requests, unless they are sent from scammers, or rude jammers, hackers, or any jammer breaking the Animal Jam rules in any form. HOWEVER, I will not accept mail requests. I'll only accept you if you meet me online and send a request. Unless you meet me on Animal Jam, don't send a request. It will go to my mail and I won't accept!
To be my friend on Animal Jam, just send a request to TheSlidoo.
 Make sure you aren't sending an invitation or accepting an invitation from impersonators such as this one!
The user shown above may look like me, but it is not me. Their username is "thesiidoo", only the first "i" is a capital, making it look like an L. There are many more impersonators that I haven't listed, so make sure you're sending the requests to me, not some random weird guy!

You can make sure it is me by checking to see my outfit - I wear a black and white cape, black and white top hat, and  black tie.

Every month I go through my buddy list and delete any jammer who hasn't been on for over 30 days.



  1. I will try to buddy you! I hope you accept!

  2. hope you on more often then my friends from real life on animal jam

    1. i cant find you plz buddy me i am


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