Direction of the Blog (important for Authors)

Hey guys, I've been doing some thinking lately.

This blog has gotten quite far from what it was originally intended to be - a blog about animal jam codes, facts, info and more. 

I love the growth that we've had on the blog - we have had so many amazing authors come through here and I love each and every one of them. 

But just as on the AJFC Gracie asks that we keep things relevant (in at least some small way) to journeys in the Spirit, I am now asking that we keep things more on topic here. 

I'm not saying that you can't have things like rants every now and again - those are good and contribute to the authenticity of the blog and often help to connect with an audience.

However, strong opinions on controversial topics should be kept to a minimum. While all opinions are generally respected and accepted here, this is first and foremost an inclusive and professional space and above all safe space. Some things have been said in recent posts that do not reflect these values. For this reason they have been removed. This is not a personal attack, and I do not blame anybody whatsoever.

And yes, I'm not one to talk. I have not posted in the longest time. I'm spotty about schedules. My posts have not been on topic. I'm guilty of this too.

I'm going to ask that we make sure we keep things animal jam related. I'm also going to ask that on your designated posting days, while you're free to talk about what you wish as well, please include things such as the daily item (what's new in stores, that kind of thing) like we used to many years ago. I will be doing the same. 

As for older, off-topic posts. I will not be removing them. I will not take them down. But I request that we steer things in a different direction from here on out. 



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