Recent News + Short Story (Part 1)

     Oh my gosh, I don't know what happened to me. After deciding whether I should leave or stay, I have come up to the conclusion to stay here. School has been a pain, but now I have solved that problem!

- - - - -

But, let's not talk about it. I have some Animal Jam news to share!

I don't know if this had been posted, but we have the new Beta Party! I feel like this party was here on Animal Jam before, but it's kinda good to have a coming back party!

The Beta Party will only be in this weekend only! So check it out, but first - I have done an interview with my friend about the Beta Party.

Me: What do you think about the Beta Party?

Blossom: It's a waste

Me: Why do you think so?

Blossom: I don't know why AJ is even bringing back the party, especially with things that aren't even beta. It's a useless party to all Jammers there's basically no point for the party ://

Me: Okay, so in your opinion, what do you think AJ should add/ implement that's better than the Beta Party?

* here come my friend *

Kinq: not the beta party lmAO

Kinq: a......... better party! AHAHAHAHA

Kinq: it sounds the same but it's a diff word ba dum tishhh

* another friend pops out *

Rua: Pff, for that question. More ways to customize your animal, more name choices, more parties, more spots, secrets(?)

Okay, we all got it now -  onto the next one!

- - - - -

We have a cool new item in stores! (also mentioning the flower cape) This one seriously resembles Twilight Sparkle! - my little pony theme song -

- tracks stops mid way -

Sorry there.

This one only cost 900 gems, in different variety of colors!

If only this was non-member :')

Not to forget, we also have some new items in the den shop as well!

These items look sick, great for summery themed dens to be honest! And what's good about it is that they are cheap!


Lastly, we have Mira's Pendant on the diamond shop only for 1 diamond! But..... * sees the member lock * it's.. for.. members...

- - - - -

Since I covered a lot of the recent news in Animal Jam, I have here a story I uploaded on AJ Amino! 

 Unexpected Visit, Old Friend
(Part 1)
Even until this day, I have made more troubles than what I intend to. Now, I am facing a great thing - that I should have paid respect and gratitude..
There is a new war starting in Jamaa, all Jammers were afraid, so they started to pack and leave for safety early as possible.
The Alphas had been working their paws out to make up the perfect plan to go against the Phantoms. They had been doing research on a recently caught Phantom outside of Jamaa, and what they found out would change everything.
"Dear Phantoms, after our many failed attempts of attacking and raiding Jamaa; I, the Phantom King had invented a new technology!" bellowed the Phantom King to his soldiers listening from below, he ordered a certain Phantom and out came their newest technology.
That "newest technology" the Phantom King had talked about and planned on so many months was a simple tube - connected to some sort of chemical. The chemical was green, but every after 5 minutes it would change color to red, blue, purple, black, and white.
What they don't know - including the Phantom King himself that those colors meant something, something historical.
"This, my dear Phantoms, is what you call the Regenerator! It will give you many powers, powers that can swipe a whole kingdom away!" He gave out a menacing laugh, this was too exciting for him. As the King, he wants to get the powers first - well, most of it. He wants to show that he can fight and win this upcoming war.
The Phantoms murmured and discussed the machine, fortunately to the King; they all agreed it would be a good idea.
"But how are we so sure it would work?"
The king's trance stopped by those words. Are his soldiers doubting him? What about those agreements they took on?
"Silence! It does work! It does!" He screamed practically making a huge gust of wind because of his enormous size; it almost blew all his soldiers off.
"S-sorry si-sire."
But meters away from that chaotic kingdom out came a female wolf named Faun. She was a soldier of Jamaa, right now in duty for Phantoms. Ever since the discovery of the Alphas, she has doubted them that things are going to end soon.
Her family cried for her name, cried to come back - but she-she wants to protect Jamaa; for her family, and for a second there she thought it was worth to do so.
That thought threatened to spill tears, but she won't let herself down. If she thinks it is worth it, then let her make it be.
Her duty stops after 1 more hour, and she hasn't found any single Phantom yet. Greely had said that a wave of Phantoms are going to attack and that their might be some scouts wandering. But, there is none.
Sighing, she turned around; maybe ditching for a few minutes would be alright - I mean there was no sign of any Phantoms?
Until.. A spark was heard. On instinct she took out her metal sword, making a hard and yet smooth sound. "Who goes there?" Faun yelled, but no answer - but a spark instead. The bushes ruffled, and inside was a Phantom, no; inside was a full wave of Phantoms.

- - - - -

Thank you for reaching the end everyone! See you all next Friday! 


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