New Features!! Things Around Jamaa and Jammer Sundae #73!

Greetings friends, it's Arctic! I've got a great post prepared for you all, so let's get on with it then!

I've been out and about in Jamaa lately, chatting with some buddies, visiting interesting dens, and seeing some very wonderful art! So, I've decided to add a new segment to my posts. Introducing, Arctic's Features!

Of course, I still need to come up with a cooler name so if anyone has a good idea please don't hesitate to tell me in the comments!! Basically what this is all about is that each week I feature something/someone cool I've seen or met in my daily adventures in Jamaa! It'll change from week to week ~ sometimes it might be an artist, or a cool den, or someone I saw being an awesome Jammer! Be sure to check out these snazzy Jammers each week, and tell them how awesome they are, as they definitely deserve it!

For this first edition of Arctic's Feature or something *please help me come up with a better name*, I've decided to feature:

*drumroll please*

Thanks, Pouncing!

I said. Thanks Pouncing.

Pouncing, anytime now.



Anywho, I've decided to feature an awesome Jammer by the name of:


I had the fortune of meeting him in Jamaa township one day when I was on the hunt for excellent masterpieces to look at! Incredibly talented and incredibly friendly, his art is absolutely stunning. A great fan of Prince, many of his finest masterpieces feature the legendary artist, as well as many other beautiful landscapes. Some highlights include:

Artwork belongs entirely to swaglvlover9000

Artwork belongs entirely to swaglvlover9000

Artwork belongs entirely to swaglvlover9000

So yes, definitely check his other artwork out - you won't be disappointed! That'll be it for this week's currently unnamed feature thing (please help me come up with a name, I beg of you!)

Alrighty, it might be about time that I get to what's new in Jamaa:

AJHQ has been releasing special spring items lately, so be sure to check those out as each one is only available for one day. Today we have the Spring Bow and Arrows and the Spring Dragonfly Hair Clip! Luckily, so far, I've only really liked one of the two items so I haven't been having a crisis about diamonds. I've never really liked things like hair bows and ribbons - they've always seemed far too girly and humanoid for my taste, though I wont deny that they look rather cute. The bow and arrows are definitely cool, and I like the colours! Be sure to buy these two items if you like them as they'll only be around for today!

Also, returning to Jam Mart Furniture is the Clover Bench! I've always liked this item, it's as though you can stick it anywhere in a den and it can still look good. Be sure to pick one up for 300 gems!

And now, as though this post isn't long enough, let's get to the Jammer Sundae!

This week, I'm really feeling like rodents. Let's go with that.

Ahahaha, in truth, he still looks quite cute:
Such talented musicians. Or should I say: mousicians! Alright I'll be quiet now.
This guy who just won't have it:
And finally, this polite little guy:

*yawns* It's crazy how tired one can get when writing up a post so late at night (keep in mind, I'm writing this the night before it'll be published, haha!)

Well, on to the factual part of the post, and we'll be done!

Our word of the day:

Lambent: Glowing, flickering light

Our fact of the day:

The oldest piece of chewing gum ever discovered is over 9000 years old!

Cool! But also rather gross. I wonder if these guys found it stuck to the bottom of a desk like I find most gum! And also, how would one be able to tell how old a particular wad of gum is? Questions, questions...

Have an awesome day guys, see you all next week!

Feel free to contact me at !


  1. Ooo! Nice! Maybe instead of Arctic's Weekly Feature, you could call it, "Highlighted Artist/Jammer of the Week"? *shrugs*

    Hahaha XDD Pouncinggg

    Ooo! Arrrrt XD
    And um- question o.o
    Prince was an old singer from the late 1900's, right? XDD I've heard of him, and know that he was a singer, but was he an old singer? o.o Hehe

    Aww.. That squirrel.. *Squee*
    And the ferret.. *Squee*

    9,000 years old? So they had gum when Jesus walked the earth? When Moses saw the burning bush?
    I did not know gum was so old.. o.o

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. Thanks for the name suggestion!

      Prince was a singer from the 1980's (his career officially started in 1976), who unfortunately died last year at the age of 57.

      Crazy, huh? Who would've thought gum was such an old invention!

      - Arctic

    2. Your welcome!

      Ah. Yeah, I remember hearing on the news that he died. Seems like so many stars are dying :I
      As we say on AJ-
      Ending 😉

      Yeah. I wonder what other inventions there are that are that old. Very interesting! :)

      Remember, God made YOU!

  2. Thanks Pouncing!
    I said thanks Pouncing
    Anytime now Pouncing..
    hehe that made me laugh XDDDD
    HOW BOUT YOU CAN CALL IT *looks up a words*


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