Diamond Shop Details

Well, today the new item is in the Diamond Shop. It is the Giant Cheetah! AJHQ now is starting to release giant plushie versions of every animal. Hmm, I hope to see a plushie that non members may buy such as a penguin or bunny one. Because of me being in the diamond shop, I thought, "Why not talk about the Diamond Shop!" And looking around, I saw some details that were in/near it and thought they were cool. Here is the first one:
 The steps leading up to the Shop are slowly becoming diamonds in all different shapes and sizes. It is a cool way to lead up to the doorway of the Shop. The second detail is this:
I hope you see it but Zios's shape is on the door with the handle being where his face would be. It is a little faint in AJ but you can see it here just fine, hopefully. The final detail comes with some of my imagination and here it is:
You can see the cracks in the column that I'm sitting next to. Well since the Diamond Shop was released in 2013 and it is 2016, it is about 3 years. A building cannot break down in that time. I'm pretty sure that the damage was caused by Phantoms invading and breaking it apart at the very beginning. So, because of that, they had to repair the shop but it was left that way and so Jammers would remember that they must help defend Jamaa from the Phantoms or else their precious shops will be ruined. Heh, that's just my theory and I may be crazy but I don't care. If you want more of this, please tell me. And Happy Hump Day to you all!


  1. Interesting details! I noticed the diamonds but never REALLY noticed how cool they are! And I might have seen the Zios door and the cracks but I don't think I also REALLY saw them, ya'know? :D Great post!

  2. Do the original Animal Jam Community Blog bloggers still come on here? I remember back when Slidoo and Geckoguy still posted. Love the new bloggers, but I was wondering whether they still come by.


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