First Post on the AJC

Hiya Jammers! I am one of the few amazing authors that made it here to post on The Animal Jam Community. My username is Penguin55544, and I currently own a blog called The Animal Jam Spring. It's been around since 2014, while I have played Animal Jam itself since late 2010. And since I have many friends that have supported me all the way, I must thank them!
Since January is slowly turning into February, new Friendship Day items are being released. I happened to find this one in Jam Mart Clothing, so make sure to go there if you want one!
There's also a new item in Jam Mart Furniture.
If I can remember correctly, I've seen a similar item to this before. I think it looked like this:
I believe the Red One is for Members, though. That's really one of only big differences.
Speaking of den items, make sure to pick up your Leaf Chair in Jam Mart Furniture before it's too late!

Lastly, I found out about this not too long ago and I wanted to spread the word.
Did you guys hear about The Basement of Secrets? Know about the trapdoor in The Chamber of Knowledge? Well, there's a secret way to get there.
That's really cool, huh? There's a few ways to get there, and they can be found on Youtube. Many famous Jammers have already created videos on this topic. Also, there is a secret area to buy items there... let me just say it is towards the right.
I hope you enjoyed my first post here on The Animal Jam Community, and I will post here again next Saturday. Who knows, what adventures can you uncover in the next week?


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