Fez and Item Spotlight #3

Hi Jammers!  Mldriver here today.

So today's new item is the Fez at Jam-Mart Furniture:

Interesting..actually very interesting. In the DE post about the Rare Boa they had a fez on..

There is only one answer to this...

Haha just, kidding. Okay, moving on to the item spotlight!

These items are the siblings to the horse coin.

I found this surfing on the Internet. It may be photo shopped, who knows? I'm also guessing that you can get these from adventures. I can't find any more information on it. 

Here is a true and false questions for you:
The Titanic had enough lifeboats to save almost everyone on board...true or false?

That's it for today. If you have any ideas for item spotlight either comment them or email them to me!
E-mail: mldriver.jamaa@gmail.com


  1. First comment! Yay!
    I was just here checking the blog. XD
    Today's item is sorta weird, don't you think? xP
    What's a Fez anyway? o.o
    Where did you find those coins, looks like it's in someone's den. .3.
    Please tell me!

    1. Well, I follow some Jammers on Instagram and somebody posted it.

    2. A fez is an item that you wear on your head. Anyone get a little whovian spark running through them at the new item?? FEZZES ARE COOL!!!

    3. I think Fez-s are just a little bit... well, reminds me of those Arabian cartoons.

    4. Fezzes all the way XD great job on todays post mldriver!

    5. Well my grandfather wore fez hats. so i think thats pretty cool!

  2. Oh and btw I forgot to mention, AJHQ has announced the Winner of Cosmo's Contest! *It's in the post, just edited!*
    Congratulations to the winners! Good job, but AJ didn't put their facts up with the post. DX
    I wanted to read those. I was pretty excited. XD
    You guys are lucky that you all got a diamond! Anyway, I got one today too. xP

  3. FALSE.

    That's what I thought too when I saw the new item. Scary.

    Anyway, I think I've seen that Bunny Coin before...

  4. Wow that's interesting

  5. A... a.. A Fez?!

    My Inner Whoivan is freaking out right now! :P
    Now we need Bow Ties and then my life will be complete.

    1. Jamaaliday Bows (Back Item) were released.

    2. Exactly my reaction my friend *^^*

    3. I KNOW I WAS LIKE FEZ FEZ FEZ and ever since i became fezcat

  6. There weren't enough lifeboats, because many ppl though Titanic was unsinkable, so false. But many lifeboats were not filled to the maxium, because passengers though that the Titanic would not sink, thus many lives were lost.

  7. Happy 600 posts! This is the 600th AJC post by the way.

  8. False! There were unfortunately not enough life boats for everyone :(

  9. Oh. Congrats on 600 posts, guys! :D (I check this blog pretty often, but I don't comment- idk why..)

    Man, I really want that Wolf Coin. XD

    I got this. M'kay. It is false. Why? Because it is. Lol jk. It's false because when the Titanic hit the iceberg which caused the 'unsinkable'- ha!- ship to start sinking, the ship's crew (right?) organized the passengers onboard to get in a life boat due to hierarchy (social status). So I think that the more wealthy passengers got lifeboats first. Because that's just how life was/is. Wealthy are more upperclassed, so they get needs done before the lower classes. So anywho, after that, it's organized into women and children go into lifeboats before the men. And the Titanic just like any other ship back in the day, only had a limited amount of lifeboats because the crew never expected something that tragic to happen to their beloved Titanic. And then the people who couldn't get a lifeboat for whatever reason died. Even people who went in lifeboats died, as well. (Did I even answer this correctly? Imagine I didn't... X3) well, there!

  10. I wear fezzes now... fezzes are cool!

  11. Also,those coins look pretty mysterious, and i saw a video that a horse coin is the most valuable item in the whole game! Funny, huh? The person traded almost a BILLION betas and like TEN founders! Talk about CRAY-CRAY!


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