Snow Cannon and Shamans vs Alphas

Hey Jammers, sorry for no post yesterday! I guess Zach forgot this was his day to post. Hopefully that won't happen again. Anyway, today's returning item is the Snow Cannon, in Jam Mart Furniture.

This item can be used to make all sorts of fun setups. If you click the cannon, it will fire a snowball. Also, released yesterday, is the Snowman.

I really like the art in this item, it's the old style they used in 2010/2011 (when this item was first released). If you look closely at old and new items, there clearly is a style difference. I wonder if there are new artists. For example, look at the Alphas (2013) vs the Shamans (2010):

Shaman - 2010
Alpha - 2013

Sir Gilbert:

Shaman - 2010
Alpha - 2013

So, I'd like to ask you guys. Do you like the look of the Alphas when they were called Shamans or when they were called Alphas more? I don't think I'll pick a side in this argument, but I'd love to hear what you guys think.



  1. For some of the Alphas, I like how they look now better. For others, I like how they looked as Shamans. But overall, their colors are a lot more vivid and brighter. Just compare Liza's clothing from before to now. It's much more eye-catching. I have to say that I like the new art style better since it just looks more vivid and cleaner and brighter.


  2. I have always liked the shamans best, Also they should be called shamans again!

    Stupid AJHQ for changing the name >-<

    Also fell free to hate on me for saying that they should be called shamans >:T

  3. What day is it today? I thought I was supposed to post today...


    Supposedly they changed it because some people complained it was religious. Thats the word on the street.

  4. Srry 2 say this cause of all the Beta Testers who r authors here but... Alpha art looks better 2 me. Its just my opinion. U can choose ur own!

    1. They seem to both loose weight after being a shaman o3o

  5. I like the name alphas, but I don't like how "bright" Liza's clothes are.

  6. I have seen the snow cannon. Its cool but it takes long to reload kinda.


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