200k/Voting Achievement Party Details

UPDATE: We have just hit 200k at 12:15 PM! Thank you for your support!

Hi jammers!
So, in the past 2 weeks or so, I have been asking you guys to vote for my dog in a contest... I said that if she made the top 25, we'd have a party! She ended up making the top 15 or so, before she glitched out and somehow got removed... But anyways, you guys managed to get her where I was aiming for, so that deserves a party!
Also, we haven't quite hit 200k yet, but we will have hit it by the end of today, for sure! So that's two reasons to... Party!

YES I'll actually come to this party ;)

Here are the details:

Server: Congo
Land: Mt. Shiveer
Date: Thursday, July 5th
Time: 3:00 EST

I would have the party on Saturday, except I won't be around for a few weeks, after Thursday, so it's really our last chance unless we postpone it for like, 2 weeks, which I don't want to do!

Here are some random facts:
-Over 21% of our blog's hits have been hits on one post! It gets hundreds of hits every day... It's all the way back in 2010!
-More than 72% of the hits on this blog come from the USA.
-About 80% of our hits come from people using Windows powered computers.
-We have nearly 200 hits that have came from Nintendo DSIs!

I hope you guys can come, I also hope that I remember to come! :P Thank you, everyone, for coming here and supporting this blog... It is truly an honour to own a blog that is growing to be so successful. I wouldn't be here without you guys, so thank you :)

ps: If you'd like to continue to vote for my dog, a new contest started today and she's been entered :) Click here to vote!


  1. Alright, 200k by 12:30! You can do it!

    And isn't it like Canada Day or something? That is soooo copying Independance Day. Why can't they make up their own holliday's? :/

  2. are you being sarcastic or.... xD

    Canada Day is when Canada was formed, it's Canada's birthday. Not a copy of an American holiday :s

  3. Oh sorry! You said in an earlier comment that it is simmilar to Independance day.

    But Canada did copy our Thanksgiving.

  4. aww man i have camp and it means 1:00
    cause i am in a diffrint time zone

  5. Yeah, thanksgiving isn't really big here... I mean, I don't even know when it is TBH :S

    I think it's some time in October... Some people do lots to celebrate, but a lot of people just go away or just enjoy the long weekend. It's a much bigger celebration in the US.

  6. But Thanksgiving was started by settlers here, in North America, looong ago, when America and Canada were not two separate countries. When they became their own independent countries, both of them just sort of continued the celebrations that the North American natives had started, which is Thanksgiving.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. for question 2 you went to appondale

  9. you were half a minute too late!

  10. Add me dimond614929

  11. Lol I can't believe I wrote those comments XD

  12. Can u guys put 2gether another party? Plz? I've missed them all so far. :(

  13. Wow another party I cant wait till next!


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